Youth Future’s Vision

Our vision is to provide each child and family in Israel’s geographic and social periphery with a sense of security, opportunities and tools to help realize their unique inherent potential.  The program creates and encourages growth and development through an innovative idea that is unique to Youth Futures – the Mentor Model:  This is a social role that serves as the central axis and key factor in its success.  The Mentor serves as a significant adult, a leader and role model for program participants.  The relationship between the Mentor and the child and his family is based on attentiveness, presence and support.


Program Goals:

  • Strengthen the child’s self-confidence and sense of self-competence

  • Develop the child’s abilities, strengths and talents

  • Make available social services accessible for the child and his family and expand these services

  • Create a supportive educational environment for the child at school

  • Encourage parental involvement in the child’s life and support for the child

  • Strengthen parental capabilities and contribute to the growth of the family unit.