Training Center

The training center that is responsible for managing knowledge in Youth Futures provides regular professional training for the city teams and also facilitates disseminating the knowledge accumulated in the program in other organizations/

The program’s city directors and mentors receive comprehensive and intensive training in a number of channels:

    A.     Training for the mentor’s role in a six-month course, which was developed and built in collaboration by the training center

    B.     Weekly group training in the city team by the city's program director

    C.     Individual training by the direct manager once every two weeks

    D.     In-service training for the program’s city directors once a month

    E.      Periodic courses (regional and national) for all teams a number of times during the year


A series of workshops in different fields of content such as: children and teens at risk, work with parents, community work and other topics are offered to different organizations in a wide selection of topics based on different educational-therapeutic approaches.

In addition there is an organizational portal that constitutes an area of intra-organizational communication for purposes of updating and sharing professional information. The portal is updated regularly and strengthens the connection between the administrative headquarters and the field and between teams in different cities. There are professional libraries in the portal containing content for the different office holders.