Youth Futures


Youth Futures is a unique program that operates nationwide and helps children, youth, families and communities realize the vision of social change.  The program creates and encourages opportunities for growth and development by means of an innovative idea, unique to Youth Futures – the Mentor Model.  Youth Futures was established in 2006 and is active in 36 localities, in all sectors of Israeli society:  Jewish (religious/secular/Haredi), Arab, Bedouin and Druze, with more than 12,000 children (elementary through junior high school students) and their families, every year.

Currently, there are some 300 mentors working nationwide.  Young people, residents of the locality, who undergo unique training for the program, work full time and assist 16 children and their families for a period of 3-5 years.  The Mentors work in local schools in the mornings, and spend the afternoons  in the children’s homes, in group activities and extracurricular activities, in order to support and assist the beneficiaries in their areas of life.

The support process relates to the child in a holistic manner, using four intervention circles:  Personal, Family, Social and Scholastic.  It is based on creating an individual plan customized for each participant, locating the appropriate party for assistance in the community and fostering integrative processes with relevant partners. 

The program’s holistic nature is expressed in the involvement of various parties in the child's and family's environment, as well as in the mentor’s role in matching the child’s needs with existing resources and working to supplement the missing resources, along with making other solutions in the program accessible in the fields of parent counseling, exercising one’s rights, and financial support for families.